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Your identity is not defined by ANY number or metric

We are TOO obsessed with numbers and metrics.

-The # on the scale

-The amount of money we made this month

-The amount of clients we have

-The amount of followers we have online

-The amount of likes we get on a post

I’m definitely guilty of this.

All of this disempowers us and takes us AWAY from our main focus.

You’re not in business or life to judge yourself for every METRIC.

At the end of the day..do the numbers matter? NO

Your self esteem and self worth are not tied to how many likes you get or how much money you make in your business.

You are NOT your business or your weight or your money.

None of those things define who you are at your core.

Your identity shouldn’t be tied to the $ in your bank account or how much you made in your business today.

This is why self love is so important.

The more you love yourself, the less of a damn you will care about anything else.

As long as you are HAPPY, living a JOYFUL life, constantly IMPROVING + and BETTERING yourself…you are succeeding.

Self love and confidence for yourself is your true superpower.

Ironically, once you stop giving a damn, you’ll notice that everything starts working out.

People feel your energy + that authenticity.

Be you and don’t be afraid to put it all out there.

You are not your metrics.

Your life is so much more than being validated by a #.

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