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Why your IG posts aren’t converting + how to post with a purpose

Are your posts going unnoticed? Not getting any love? Not getting you any leads? It’s time to change this for good!

Here are the common problems I see when a post isn’t getting the conversions and love it deserves.

1️⃣ You are posting just to post and aren’t truly providing any value.

2️⃣ Your post sounds cookie-cutter and like something you copied from another coach.

3️⃣ You aren’t utilizing your captions/writing from your heart.??‍♀️

4️⃣ Your posts are random quotes/images that don’t tie into what you are offering.??‍♀️

5️⃣ You post too infrequently and inconsistently.

6️⃣ Your posts don’t share your TRUE personality. ??‍♀️

7️⃣ Your captions are one lined, filled with emojis and no true value.

Are you ready to dump these mistakes and learn how to use your social media in a way that gets you SALES, helps you SERVE and gets the love it deserves?

If you are, I invite you to get access to my FREE guide, Content That Sells.



Do you know that your social media is the #1 tool in your arsenal for attracting soulmate clients and making consistent, easy sales?

Yes, it is! That’s why it’s so important to avoid the most common mistakes people make on social media, which drives potential clients and $$$ away.

You’re in luck though.

In this guide, I’ll be teaching you the 7 strategies that have helped me scale my social media and make consistent sales.

Let’s face it, social media is the REAL deal for business. Apps like Instagram, Facebook & Twitter are where most of your ideal clients are hanging out.

In fact, social media is so important nowadays, that it is essentially taking the place of the WEBSITE!

It’s time to learn how to make your page work for you, so that you can consistently attract clients that are dying to work with you.

P.S. These strategies are for anyone, in any type of business!

Now if you want access (did I mention it’s free?), just click HERE to opt in.
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