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Selling is NOT sleazy! How you can sell from your soul + feel good about it

Selling is NOT sleazy! How you can sell from your soul + feel good about it

If you want to be successful in the online space, you MUST get used to selling & feeling good about it.

I used to feel so sleazy selling my products.

As a therapist, I was never taught the importance of selling and marketing in graduate school (oh how I wish I was!)

They never taught us about the business sides of therapy (they REALLY should but that’s another topic ) ).

They never taught us about sales and the importance of getting comfortable marketing yourself.

So for a very long time, I felt extremely weird selling. It was foreign to me, I was never exposed to it.

After 2 YEARS in this online space….I finally am getting comfortable with selling.

I want you to know this, because it will help you skyrocket your business.

Sales is not sleazy.

Sales is necessary.

Sales is part of the process.

Sales helps you HELP others, by getting your product out there.

Sales should feel good and positive.

It’s time to stop feeling sleazy selling.

Let’s face it, when you don’t sell your goods and put it out there, you are doing yourself and your future clients a disservice.

People need to know what you are selling. Period.

P.S. I read somewhere that it takes MULTIPLE times (7-9 times) for a potential client to see your product before they decide to make a purchase. So get your product out there!

So anytime you start to feel icky, sleazy or negative when you market your products, remember that there is nothing icky about wanting to help others.

As long as you are selling for the right reasons (not just to make money or prove something to yourself), selling is AMAZING.

I’ve had to make this transition in my business.

There are some days where I will still feel icky with selling (it was never in my blood, I am a natural healer and would rather help others), but I remind myself that it’s how I will help more people. It’s how I get my products out there.

Because if I’m being honest, I have some damn good products that many people would benefit from. I’m not scared to say that anymore

So get out there. Market your products. Sell from your soul.

Your tribe will be so happy that you decided to do so.

They will be thankful.

It’s time to shift the negative feelings about selling, because what you believe, PERSISTS.

If you feel that selling is a negative, that’s how it will feel for you.

BUT if you feel that selling is a positive, that’s how it will be for you.

You decide what selling means for you.

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