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Shop PS merch + understand the movement


PS shop is now here!!! I am so excited beautiful.


I wanted to write to you today to talk about why these products are so important to me.


Besides from spreading my apparel and having positive babes wear my brand around the world, it is my mission to help others feel good about themselves.


You see babe, growing up, I struggled a lot with self confidence issues and insecurities. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I finally did the inner work and cleared the way for confidence to come in.


Back then, it was hard for me to feel positive. I often didn’t feel good about myself.


Fast forward to the creation of Positive Soul, I finally decided that it was time to work on my own positivity + spread that to others.


By working on my own self love and confidence, I am now able to help others.


I so resonate with spreading positivity into the world.


Yes, I even believe that wearing a shirt with the word “positive” can help you feel better about yourself and your surroundings.


The truth is, the power of positive communication is second to none. Positive self-talk has important and tangible benefits, for your health, wellness and relationships.


Even on a shirt or mug, positive messages raise your vibe, make you feel better, and improve your well-being.


There have been countless studies that have shown the importance of positive messages. There was one study in particular where two jars of rice (yes, rice!) were put side by side.


For one of the jars, an individual would go and yell bad phrases and words to it. For the other jar, another individual would go and speak positive messages.


They were merely talking to the rice, and guess what happened?



Insane! If this can happen to rice, imagine what can happen for YOU.


I believe in this. I know that it’s true. I have seen the effect of positive communication on my life and others.


In fact, I believe in this so much, that I have designed one of a kind affirmation mugs for you.


The Manifestation, Positivity, Abundance & Self Love affirmation mugs are meant to call in those energies into your life. Each mug contains a powerful affirmation that will change your life.




In a world where negativity is prevalent, positive apparel with a purpose stands out and makes a difference.


This spiritual + exclusive collection has been designed to add more positivity into your life and the lives of others.


A portion of each purchase will also be donated to charities that are spreading positive messages and hope. It is an honor to give back, and I am so thrilled to be able to do so with YOUR proceeds.


Here are some of the items you can grab today, with a SPECIAL prize on my website.


You’ll get to spin a wheel and win a prize of either 10%, 15%, or 20% off. SO fun right?


Without further ado, view the items below.


Love you immensely. XO


View products HERE.

Positive Soul
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