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Not everyone will want to work with you

Important lesson of the day: Not everyone will want to work with you/be a soulmate client, and that’s fine. You want it this way.

So many entrepreneurs get in the scarcity mode when it comes to clients.

They think that there is a cap on clients or that there is too much competition.


“There aren’t enough clients”

“If she is successful, that means there are less clients for me”

“I am getting rejected by clients and feeling like I’ll never sign anyone”


On and on it goes.


Scarcity of clients is all an illusion.


There are SO many clients out there for you, you just have to tap into their energy.


When you focus on lack/scarcity/not enough clients, that’s what you attract.


When you focus on abundance/clients everywhere, that’s what you attract.


It really comes down to shifting your focus and mindset.


AND..you really don’t need to do it all or be everything to everyone.


You will repel some people.


You will attract some people.


You want it to be this way. Trust me. You can’t be everything for everyone.


Focus on your niche, giving valuable content, being YOU – and watch your ideal clients come in.


By being yourself and sharing your authentic message, you allow your soulmate clients to find you, to want to work with you.


There are SO many clients in the world who are dying to work with you! Affirm this today.


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