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Make Peace With Where You Are

Coming to you with a new podcast episode, I’m so excited to talk about the importance of making peace with where you currently ARE.

When it comes to manifesting, so many people think that it’s about the goal.

Manifesting is a journey. It’s a journey of becoming more of who you are. It’s a journey of understanding what creates happiness. It’s a journey of enjoying each step and becoming your best self.

It’s not so much about getting to your goal, as it is about the journey towards getting there.

When you recognize that it’s all about the process, two things will happen. You will enjoy the journey + life in general, AND manifest your goals even quicker from that aligned space. How amazing right?

We are so often in goal mode. I’ve been guilty of this several times in the past, but now I am adopting a new perspective.

Instead of being so goal oriented, let’s all work towards enjoying the process.

You get to where you want by being appreciative in the present moment and enjoying the journey.

In this new episode, I’ll teach you why it’s important to peace with the present + how it helps you manifest your goals faster.

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