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Beautiful, have you


Found it difficult to find a partner that you actually vibe with?

Attracted unavailable and commitment phobe partners, time and time again?

Felt anxious, due to not knowing where, when, how you will meet your partner?

Felt like there were no good partners out there?

Ended up in the same relationships, with the same patterns?

Felt doomed in the department of love, no matter how hard you tried?

Wondered how other women had high quality relationships?

Felt pissed that others had significant others but you didn’t?

Felt totally LOST & confused about how to attract in love from a high quality partner?

Wanted to give up and just stay single?

Say GOODBYE to the love struggle


If you can answer YES to any of the above, I am here to help you transform your love life + become a total love magnet with my #1 best selling book, The Ultimate Guide To Attract Love.


In order to attract love, you need to change what’s happening inside of you, so your experience in love will change. If you want authentic love that lasts, you must learn how to master your mindset and energy. Put the focus on you, and your love life will change SO FAST. That’s exactly what I will teach you to do with this master guide.


This guide is the compilation of teachings I used to transform my own love life, and those of thousands of my clients’. It’s the ultimate guide for owning your power as a co-creator of your love life. Using the Law of Attraction teachings, you’ll learn how to manifest in love effortlessly.


In fact, this book is the result of the exact mindset strategies, tools, and techniques I used in order to change my love life around and have the love life of my dreams.


To introduce you to my story from heartache to love, I’m Jacqueline Kademian. I am the creator of Positive Soul as well and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.


Besides from being attracted to unavailable partners, I also attracted in relationships that were unhealthy and toxic in my early 20’s.


I had a very difficult time with love, I often worried about there not being any good guys out there, people that I would get along with & so on. I ALWAYS worried about settling. I attracted in poor relationships. I never truly felt that I was deserving of love.


After a bad break-up a few years ago, I really looked in the mirror and decided that something had to change. I did just that. I changed how I felt about myself, how I felt about love, and ended up attracting in my ideal match.


I learned that once you change what’s happening inside of you, and your experience in love will change.


The truth is babe, you have the power to completely change your dating landscape and who you attract in.


Relationships mirror what’s happening inside of you.


Amazing relationships happen when you are aligned to the energy and mindset of love.


When you work on changing your limiting beliefs/stories/heartbreaks, you will allow love to naturally find you.


When you elevate yourself, you will elevate your love life.


In this book, I teach you how to do the inner work that will raise your standards in love and attract love to you effortlessly.


You are only moments away from completely transforming your love life gorgeous! That’s how long it takes for you to start putting together all of the strategies in this guide.


You will learn how to;


– Attract in love from a state of flow and ease.


– Break free from your limiting beliefs, insecurities and poor experiences that lead to a low love vibe.


– Heal and release past negative experiences.


– Transform your inner game & vibration.


– Align your energy toward love, so you are an energetic match to your desires.


– Magnetize yourself to your perfect match (showing you how to become the version of you that attracts in your match).


– Simply BE love and omit the energy that attracts love in.


– Get crystal clear (the right way) about your ideal love life, so you have the clarity you need to make it happen FAST.


– Make simple changes in your life that will help you attract love in.


– Develop your faith and confidence in your ability to find love.


– Apply the Law of Attraction into your love life in simple steps.


-Attract love using a proven formula that has worked for me & thousands of my clients.

This book is in digital format – get instant access after you purchase

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