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Keep it SIMPLE! Business doesn’t have to be complicated

One thing I’m learning more and more about launching and scaling your business…


Here’s what happened a few weeks ago:

I had the idea to create a webinar (which was an inspired, aligned idea).

I knew how to run a webinar; I’ve done several of them.

As I was sitting and writing the content, I thought “Jacqueline, research so and so and see what application they are using, maybe it’s better than yours”.

That’s exactly how the downward spiral started. 

I researched online to see how others were doing it.

I looked at the different hosting sites.

I grew increasingly stressed and anxious..

which made me feel annoyed, frustrated and NOT aligned anymore.

It was a big learning lesson, one I continuously make, LOL!


Do what you know and realize that it’s good enough.

Do my soulmate clients really care where I host my webinar on? No.

Do my soulmate clients care if my webinar is more advanced? No.

Do my soulmate clients care about anything else but getting valuable info? NO.

What I recognized:

The more I try to complicate things and be like everyone else, the more I lose track from my success and focus.

The amount of information overload on webinars, funnels, emails are beyond overwhelming.

No wonder people don’t start online businesses!

None of that really matters and in a way, DETERS you from starting in the first place.

Here’s what I know to be true and here’s what has helped ME build a very profitable business;

>> You can have a wildly profitable business (6 figures and above) knowing a few KEY strategy elements (marketing, sales, content creation..).

>> No webinar, funnel, or ad is going to guarantee you success.

>> Business success comes down to the BASICS. The more complicated something seems, the more you need to stray away from it.

>> You can launch an extremely profitable online business from a space of flow AND simple strategy. 

>> You’re in business to connect and help people. Focus on THIS aspect. 

>> When you are aligned with what you are doing, your business explodes.

>> Business success comes down to the inner work.

>> Information and freebie overload is death to business dreams.

>> This applies to business and EVERYTHING else. Life doesn’t need to be so complicated!

The more you know, the more complicated it gets and the more you want to give up.

IF you’re craving a simple and easy way to launch your biz in 60 days…I’m your girl.

You have what it takes, when you stick to the basics. 

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