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Is your money set point holding you back?

I’ve done some SERIOUS work on my money mindset in the past few years. Being an entrepreneur will make you have to do that work, REAL fast.?

I’ve learned more about money from being an entrepreneur, then from any other class or lecture I’ve ever heard.

What I soon realized in my early business days, was that I had a money set-point that was not where I wanted it to be.

I was uncomfortable with large sums of money, especially coming from my business.

I felt “bad”, guilty, or that the money would go away soon.

It always seemed like I was uncomfortable with having more money than this invisible set point I had for myself.

Through my own work, I realized that I had a money set-point that was dictating how much money I let into my business. .

If I went above that set-point, the alarm bells went off and I had to somehow get back to where it was. This is also why for SO long I was stagnant at a certain # in my business, being unable to scale from it.

Your money set-point is a sort of internal regulator that determines how much money you allow into your business and life.

Think about it as the temperature on a thermostat. You will always want to come back to the temperature you feel the most comfortable with.

What you may not realize is that this internal set-point may be sabotaging your success. It may make it difficult for you to bring in more money, because you are used to a certain “temperature”.

When I was able to finally learn this, it was SO much easier to adjust that set-point to a higher number. From doing that, I’ve been able to make so much more money in my business, because now I’m comfortable doing so.

This is why it’s NOT about working hard or learning 1 more strategy. If you feel uncomfortable moving past your set-point, if your set-point is too low…no strategy will work.

The mindset and internal work is what makes you GROW In business. It’s not about working hard. Effort does not equal profits or success. Alignment equals success.

Positive Soul
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