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Imposter Syndrome in business + why it happens

Imposter Syndrome in business + why it happens

Have you ever felt imposter syndrome in your business before?


That feeling that you don’t do it as good as the next girl, that your material sucks, that you aren’t “good enough”, that you’re a fraud and etc…


This is a very real feeling that impacts a LOT of entrepreneurs. More than many would like to admit.


I’m here to tell you that if you have felt this way or do feel this way, it’s going to be ok beautiful.


I believe everyone experiences these feelings at some point.


When you start to feel like an imposter in business, remind yourself that you are in business for a reason and there is only one of you.


Your material doesn’t suck.
You are good enough.
You are not a fraud.


EVERYONE has felt this way at some point.


This is just your ego and limiting beliefs popping up, keeping you safe with your worry thoughts.


I talked about this a lot in my new free guide, Content That Sells (grab it here), but it’s so important to work on your mindset when it comes to business.


If you don’t do the business work, imposter syndrome will keep holding you back. NO ONE has time for that girl.


You’re not an imposter.


You are perfect being yourself.


People want to work with you because you are a few steps ahead of them and can teach them the journey.


They don’t work with you because your life seems perfect or you have everything figured out.


You don’t need to have everything figured out – not even close.


You just need to help people who are a few steps back get to where YOU are now.


That’s gold. That’s what people buy.


So the next time you feel like an imposter, remind yourself that there is no such thing.


Be yourself, be genuine, be authentic and teach people what they need to learn to get to where you are.


That doesn’t sound like an imposter to me.


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