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If not now, then when?

I was talking to a friend earlier today who’s a therapist, who has been thinking of taking her business online.

She’s been SO scared and fearful though, that she hasn’t taken the plunge.

She’s just been working her job and hoping for something to give.

As we were speaking – I realized just how many people face this struggle. Me included a few years ago.

SO many brilliant coaches, therapists, healers, teachers, etc are afraid of putting themselves out there online. 

In fact, many of them are scared because they don’t know how EASY it can be to launch an online business babe.

I don’t want that to be you.

If not now, when?

As I was talking to my friend – I thought of all the people in my community who may be in the same boat.

If you’ve ever wanted to launch your own online business, you can do this.

You’re not any less qualified than your favorite coach online.

You’re not just meant for a boring job you hate.

You’re not meant to be living paycheck to paycheck when you see others make that in a day.

If you have this passion in your heart – you ARE MEANT FOR THIS. Period.

If not now, when?

I know how fearful, scared, lost you may be feeling right now, which is why I am here to help.

I’ve been there, and I’ve gotten out of that slump.

A few years ago, I couldn’t stand to think that I had to have a corporate job my whole life. It made me anxious, depressed + overwhelmed.

I decided that I wanted something more, so for two years, I learned the ins and outs of online business.

And guess what happened? I took myself to success, because the vision I had for my life was bigger than any nay-saying thought that told me I couldn’t do it.

Online Business has opened up my life to so much more. I want the same for you.

Imagine a few months/years from now….you’re creating a huge impact in the world, making the income you deserve, working less, enjoying life more, feeling FREE and independent, in creative flow, enjoying your life with your loved ones..

If not now, when?

I don’t want you to imagine this. I want you to live this. 

It’s time and together, we are going to make 2019 your year.


Positive Soul
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