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How to market yourself when you first start out in business

How to market yourself when you first start out in business

An amazing soul just asked this question in my FB group, “How do I market myself in the beginning when no one knows me?”

This is an amazing question.

Here is the guidance I wish someone had told me when I first started.

When you are just starting your business, your most important priority should be building RELATIONSHIPS.

Building that trust, connection + relationship is what will eventually get you the sale.

Instead of being laser focused on what you can offer someone, you need to be laser focused on sharing and giving value to people.

The first few months of your business should focus on building your clientele and relationships. This is my best advice.

Share your message. Make posts about it. Make the captions relevant to what your niche is. Build connections with people.

THEN, when you have began that process, you can market yourself.

It’s all about doing the relational work at first, because ultimately, people buy from people they trust.

P.S. People buy from you because they vibe with you and trust you. Most of the time it isn’t even about your product!

So, first few months of business:

Focus on adding massive content and value to the life of your ideal client. Share your story. Share your message. Provide educational and valuable posts. Do as much as you can to give VALUE.

After you provide value and have built a base, you can then begin to market yourself.

This is the easy way to get epic success in business.

Starting off with just marketing won’t get you far…because many people won’t have that trust with you to buy from you.



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