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How to find your purpose, your niche, your “thing”

I had a message in my heart I wanted to share with you today.

If you’re stuck on your purpose, your niche, your “thing”…this might help.

Teach people who are a few steps behind you how to get to where you are NOW.

This is the business secret. K you can go create your business now. LOL! 

In all honesty though, you may be a beginner to business (which is why I have your back?), but you’re never a beginner when it comes to your life experience and how you can help people.

If you’re stuck on what you should focus your business on or what niche you should go into, think about what you have overcome in your life and how you can help others do the same.

-When I first started, I did love coaching because I was able to leave a terrible relationship + find my love life again.

-I also did confidence coaching because I learned how to genuinely go from insecure to confident.

-& now, I’m in love with business coaching because I built a successful business from the ground up and want to help others do the same.

The point is…

Your experience is your expertise.

You know way more than you think you do.

Degrees, credentials, followers don’t matter.

Teach others what you have learned and how you have bettered your life.

That’s what people want to really know. That’s what gets people up in the morning.

You have a unique story, a unique blueprint.

Stop trying to be like everyone else.

Share what makes YOU unique and what you have overcome in your life.

Your message matters.

It can literally save someone’s life.

Don’t downplay it or think that you need to be “better” at business before you start this.

You’re ready now.

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Positive Soul
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