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How to desire something + DETACH from it at the same time

I have a new podcast episode + an exciting new challenge I am THRILLED to share with you!

Before I get into the challenge..it seems that the million dollar question when it comes to manifesting has to do with detachment.

How do you desire something + detach from it at the same time? Is that possible?!

Well, I’m here to break this down for you and give you some needed clarity.

In short, YES, of course you can desire something and detach from it at the same time. I’m giving you my best tips in this podcast episode.

Press play to learn about the art of detachment + why it’s so important when it comes to manifesting.

There’s a delicate balance between desiring something + detaching from it. Detachment is what helps you manifest FASTER, effortlessly!

Instead of worrying/stressing/obsessing over your desires, learn how to detach from it and bring it into your life.

Listen on Soundcloud HERE or iTunes HERE

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Now…I have an exciting new challenge for you!!

I am so excited to announce that my FREE 5 Day Manifest Love challenge is starting next week!

Do you want to..

Learn how to effortlessly manifest love into your life?

Become the ultimate love magnet + attract in a HIGH quality partner?

Learn how to ACTUALLY use the Law of Attraction for manifesting love into your life?

Have the kind of love that makes others think: “Oh my god! I also want that!”

Learn how to become ONE with love, so that you manifest in your ideal match?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you are going to love this challenge.

Starting Wednesday, May 16, join me as I take you through my 5 best tips for manifesting love.

Each day from May 16-May 21, I’ll pop into your inbox and bring you the lesson of the day.

You’ll learn how to raise your love vibration, feel confident in your ability to manifest love + fast track your way to love success.

The best part, it’s totally FREE!


5 LUCKY winners will get a free confidence book of mine, just for signing up!

So make sure you sign up here + get ready when it kicks off next week.

P.S. The challenge is that much more powerful when your friends join with you, as the more energy behind it, the better! Get your loved ones involved + you can ALL learn how to bring more love into your life.


Positive Soul
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