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How to deal with negative thoughts

Heyhey lovely!!! 


I was inspired to talk to you about negative thinking today.  I find that so many people get so confused/stuck/frustrated with what to DO about their thoughts.


This got me thinking, so much of the advice out there just doesn’t work babe.


The typical “Be happy!”, “Just don’t think about it” thoughts don’t work, for good reason.


You see love, trying to make something go away, actually creates the opposite effect..it makes it come back more.


As the LOA states, the more you fight and think about something, the more you materialize it into your life. By constantly worrying about your negative thoughts, you invite them more into your space.


There’s a better way to go about this.


Negative thoughts  are very normal and a part of life. In fact, every single person will experience negative thoughts. It’s human nature.


This is the first truth that will set you free. No, you are not doomed because of these thoughts. 


We can’t just make these thoughts go away. But what does work, is giving up trying to control the thoughts and to make them go away.


Just let the thoughts flow. Don’t give them much attention. When they come, do not freak out and get worried. Simply let the thoughts come and go, very calmly.


The less you worry about your thoughts, the less they will affect you. Instead of getting so riled up, try this new skill of letting your thoughts flow.


The more worried and paranoid you are about your thoughts, the more they will materialize.


A common misconception is that we should freak out when we get one negative thought. That’s not possible or a healthy coping skill!


What works is being calm and easy with yourself. The goal is to have the majority of your thoughts be positive throughout the day. Even 51% positive is fine, even if the other 49% is negative!


Negative thinking is a habit, that’s it. How do you get rid of a habit? By starting a new habit. By responding in different ways. By not freaking out when negative thoughts come up. After all, you’re only human!



P.S. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out how much the negative thoughts decrease once you stop judging yourself and feeling bad about it.



Oh! Before I forget! I’ve added a new episode into the podcast (this is our 12th episode, YAY!). This episode is geared toward the aspiring female entrepreneur, who wants to rock it in the online world and start a business. If this sounds like you, listen on Soundcloud HERE or iTunes HERE

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