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How I Made 5 Figures With eBooks My First Year In Business!

I’m kind’ve obsessed with helping entrepreneurs live the life of their dreams, if you couldn’t already tell


I was thinking about how I started my business the other day, and I was pleasantly reminded how it all started with an inspired idea to write an…eBook!!


2 years ago, I had the inspiration to write this little eBook about love. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I didn’t have any experience selling digital products, or anything of the like.


Well, that didn’t matter! I decided to follow my intuition. I had the urge to write about love, as I was going through a lot that year in my love life, and had learned how to transform my love life 180 degrees.


I didn’t have any eBook or selling experience, I just researched as much as I could online and learned the hard way how to create and sell my first eBook.


After putting it up and learning how to do so in between my working hours, I started to sell it like hot cakes.


That made me 5 figures, when I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing (imagine how fun that was?)


I didn’t even have a business then! It was something I had put together for fun.


It changed everything for me. I started to realize that I can turn my knowledge into a business. That’s how my business was born, and I can now see how God blessed me with that inspired action and guidance!


So that got me thinking, why not create a simple guide for other entrepreneurs to also get started making $$$ and an impact?


P.S. I’m all for you having the MOST abundant life. Yes, that means making money. Money is not a negative word. You are in business to help people, but to also make money. The more amazing people have money in their hands, the better our world will be.


I decided on a whim to put together all of my knowledge on eBooks, and create the simple and easy guide to create and launch an eBook, in as little as ONE day.


Let me ask you this…


Do you want to position yourself as an expert in your field? Learn how to easily make sales all day and night, without lifting a finger? Learn how eBooks can create a 5 and 6 figure income in your business? Do you want to take action and finally get your knowledge out there?


The power of the eBook is REAL! With superstar companies like Amazon adding eBooks to their site (um hello Kindle?), you know this digital product is here to stay, for a long time. Today, I want to help you integrate eBooks into your business, so you stop trading your time for dollars and make your money work for you.


So if you’re interested beautiful, I put together this guide for you! This guide will take you from idea to income, and cover every step you’ll need to know to create your best selling eBook.


In the Ultimate Guide to eBooks, I’ll show you how to create and sell your first eBook, in as little as one day. Yes, the strategies are so easy to implement, that you can have your eBook ready in ONE day. This guide will take you from idea to income, and cover every step you’ll need to know to create your best selling eBook.

You can find out more and check it out HERE


P.S. I have a brand new Facebook group, all about manifesting and entrepreneurship. If you are a manifesting entrepreneur, or an aspiring one, you NEED to get in this group! It’s totally free! Join me as I provide daily motivation, weekly training calls and so much more. Join me HERE.

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