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How does NOT getting what you want benefit you?

How does NOT getting what you want benefit you? Keep you safe?

I remember being presented with this question and being shocked.

I had never thought about it this way before.

Year after year, when I would not meet my goals, I would wonder what I was doing wrong, what others were doing better than me, why I sucked & etc..

It wasn’t until one day a few years ago that someone asked me this, when my whole perspective changed.

How was NOT meeting my goals keeping me stuck and safe in my comfort zone? How was it what I actually wanted in the moment?

This is what I urge you to ask yourself if you’re struggling with meeting your goals right now babe.

You may not think this is true, I mean, how could it be? But it is.

To some degree, where you are right now is safe + comfortable for you.

We often are very comfortable where we are, as much as we think we aren’t.

Change is scary.

Success is scary.

Upleveling is scary.

Manifesting our goals IS scary!

We fear that things will change as we meet our goals.

Maybe people won’t like us anymore? Maybe we will have to pay more taxes the more money we make? Maybe we will have to prioritize certain things over others?

All of this can keep us stuck and stagnant.

As you read this, I want you to ask yourself HOW in your life you are stagnating your progress.

Figure out how being where you are right now is benefitting you.

Even if you hate where you are right now, to some extent it is serving you (keeping you safe, in your comfort zone, knowing what to expect).

It’s only when you embrace change + the uncertainty that comes with the next level that you finally accomplish your goal.

It will feel scary and uncertain to face new chapters in your life, but IT’S SO WORTH IT.

Your ego will always want to keep you safe. It knows what to expect there.

Journal Prompt of the day: How does not getting what you want benefit you?

After you answer this, COME TO TERMS with the next level.

For example, if making more money scares you, ask yourself how you can become more comfortable with paying taxes. If getting into a relationship scares you because you fear you will have less time for friends, ask yourself how you can better balance your time.

Normalize your next level of success and it will come to you easily.

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