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Ex Detox is the type of detox you need to get over your ex and move on.


Bringing you that special one to one guidance babe, I’ll teach you what it takes to heal.


The end of a relationship hurts like no other, but it’s more than possible to move on beautiful.


Learn how to heal and use this break-up as the opportunity to transform your love life for the better.


Whether you were in a relationship, situation-ship or just talking to a potential partner, this masterclass will help you move forward.


Put your energy back where it belongs, on you!


Using spiritual and psychology techniques, I’ll teach you how to go through the break-up motions and emerge into an even stronger, empowered person.


You will learn;

  • How to work through loss and the end of a relationship


  • Why you feel such emotional/physical pain in a break-up


  • What to do when you can’t stop thinking about your ex, texting, calling, checking social networking sites, or driving by the house


  • How to beat the cravings & want for your ex


  • Healing exercises designed to release the hurt & open you up for healing


  • Forgiveness and de-cluttering rituals that will help you move on


  • How to use this as an opportunity to take care of yourself and come out better than before


  • How to set boundaries & distance yourself from your ex


  • The art of moving on & ending the negative relationship cycle.


  • Why you are attracted to specific partners that may not be good for you


  • How to reframe this experience as your greatest lesson & teacher


  • How to tell if their is hope with your ex or if it’s time to move on


Get this masterclass for only $25 USD!


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