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Don’t take any action in your business that is generated from lack or fear

I have a message I want to share with you today. It’s for the entrepreneur, but can relate to ANYTHING you want to manifest.

Here’s what leading with lack and fear in your business looks like:

>>We think that we NEED to do certain things or else we won’t be successful, no one will love us, our business will die out.

>>Putting out programs and offer simply to make something happen and to stop the feeling of “lack”.

>>We fear taking time off/making time for self care because our business will fail and everything will be doomed.

>>Constantly chasing a new goal and not appreciating the goals you have already met.

>>Never feeling enough in business and constantly comparing yourself to others who seem to be doing better.

>>Taking action just to say you took action. Making time for a lot of “busy work”, that doesn’t lead to results.

>>Being scared to actually put out content/programs that speak to your soul.

Here’s the thing: I’ve done everyone of these things on the list above. Every single one. You know what happened? Burn-out, stress, and uninspiration.

Take it from me, the above is NOT the way to run a business.

Yes, I made profits and had success, but it wasn’t the way I wanted my business to be.

Now here’s what I know: Taking action that stems from fear, without the energy alignment behind it, will push you further away from your business and life goals.

Leading with fear is best way to be overworked, burned out and uninspired in your business…I don’t want you to win that award.

There’s a better way.

Focus on your alignment FIRST, and then take action that is inspired from you.

Yes…alignment is everything in business. It’s important in every aspect of your life.

What this means: Get focused on feeling good. Feel good about your business (I don’t care if you have 0 clients) + life. Feel good about what you’re doing and giving to the world. Focus on your vibrational frequency and how you feel on a daily basis. Feel good about your life. Work on yourself. Do what you can to feel good about who you are.THEN, see what action comes inspired from you. 

It’ll always come if you let it, if you don’t force it to happen.

From that good place, you’ll be inspired to take action that will help your business. 

That might be launching a new program, promoting a product, writing a post, writing an email, marketing, anything… When it comes to business success, paying more attention to your connection with your Inner Guidance will yield massive results spiraling upwards.

Fear and lack leads to spiraling downwards. You choose.

AFFIRM: Paying attention to how my goals, practices and actions feel is my secret weapon in business.

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Positive Soul
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