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Marketing should be fun, expansive, in flow

Don’t do any marketing in your business that feels forced or un-aligned. DON’T DO IT

The general marketing advice goes something like this;

“Post in all of the FB groups so people see your content!”
“Post 8 times a day so you are everywhere”
“Get on every social media platform and constantly market”
“Cold message potential clients and tell them about your program” 

EW is my first reaction. Anyone else feel this way? 

When I first got into business, I remember hearing all of this so called advice and feeling like I HAD to follow along.

I tried it anyway, because that’s what the guru’s were saying.

You know what happened? I felt unaligned, uninspired, and it wasn’t any help to my business. This isn’t a knock on any of the above, because it does work for many people.

If you love going into other FB groups and posting, then great.
If you love posting 8 times a day, amazing.
If you love to get on every social media platform, good for you! .

BUT, here’s the thing about anything when it comes to your business; If you have to force yourself to do it, it’s NOT the right action for you. .

Marketing and sharing your gifts should feel aligned to you. It should be joyous. It should be fun. .

You get your best ideas when you allow yourself to receive them.

When you force yourself into doing things a certain way, you move further away from your goals, and it doesn’t work. .

If something doesn’t feel aligned and it feels forced, drop it and move on. .

There will be a million different ideas that will flow to you, once you allow yourself to disconnect from what you think you should do. 

Business should be fun. Marketing should feel expansive. You should feel GOOD anytime you look to market your business or program. 

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