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Do you need to visualize/meditate/journal 100X a day to manifest what you want?

Today, I wanted to write to you to address a common question I often get when it comes to manifesting;

Do you have to visualize, meditate, affirm, write in your journal 100x a day for your desires to manifest?

I just love this question so much because this used to worry me, SO much. I used to worry that I was doing it “wrong” if I didn’t journal for 3 hours a day. I worried that I was messing it up.

Ironically babe, some of my greatest manifestations have come when I have been doing..nothing. Yes really, nothing!

As you’ll learn, manifestations don’t have to do with any ACTION, they have to do with how you are BEING.

The Universe can care less if you say 1000x affirmations a day, if you don’t feel good about it.

In fact, all of these tools are just, TOOLS. They are meant to help you get your energy up. That’s all they really are for. They don’t make anything happen. They just help you elevate your energy, which then makes it happen.

So, as I talk about in my podcast episode, only do these tools if you feel good doing them.

Press on the links below (to my podcast) to learn about what you should focus your energy on instead + when to drop all the different tools you’ve been told to do. You’ll have more clarity about the specifics YOU should do, because we are all different!

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