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Avoidance, stalling + not taking action in your business

Have you ever had an amazing idea/vision for your business, but felt yourself stalling? Avoiding putting it out there? Waiting for the “perfect” moment to do so? Me too.

For the LONGEST time – I was avoiding putting out a group offer.

I had a bad experience with launches in the past, where I felt overly stressed, anxious and overwhelmed…

I always felt like I had to be “on” during the launch. I was uneasy for the whole launch period (about a few weeks) and I felt uncomfortable the whole time.

I couldn’t rest. I was always worried about not enrolling people and not having a successful launch, which is what happened.

I WAS DONE WITH THIS FEELING. How can it be so easy for others to rake in the clients, but not me?

I knew it was an inner issue.

So what did I do?

I decided I had to do the inner work.

I got real on the launch fears I had (fears that no one would buy, no one would pay that price).

I got real with myself about these fears. I reframed them.

FOR THE FIRST TIME, I reframed the fears. I realized that they were NOT true. That launching could be fun.

So… when I had that idea for this launch, I was met with some resistance at first.

Even doing all the inner work, I felt scared..nervous…thought of pushing it back.

BUT, I decided to take action. I forced myself too.

I did the scary thing. I put my program out there.

And you know what has happened?


Taking the scary action has proved to me that it was always a mindset issue.

I feel better than EVER with my Business Bootcamp launch.

It feels right. I feel calm. I am so excited to work with amazing people on this journey. I can’t wait to launch and share!

If I didn’t step outside of my fear, I would never get to this feeling.

Now…I’m even planning my next launches??.

So take the next step.

Do the damn thing!

The solution and life you want is on the other side of fear.

I’ve opened my premium business program, Business Bootcamp, for the only time this year! This is a live group coaching program for anyone who wants to LAUNCH an online business or who needs help in scaling their current business to new heights. If you’re ready to create your own safety and destiny, you need to join us for this round. I’m SO excited and ready for this group! We start October 27. Grab your $600 of bonuses when you enroll today

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Positive Soul
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