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A 9-5 job is not “safe”. Being your own boss is.

A 9-5 job is not “safe”. Being your own boss is.

Have you ever shared your passions about being an entrepreneur with someone, who then proceeds to tell you that it isn’t safe or sustainable?
I see this type of thinking going around a LOT, and I believe it’s dangerous and FALSE.
You see love, a 9-5 job isn’t as safe as everyone wants it to be. It’s just very common..it’s the norm..it’s what everyone thinks they should do.
How safe is it? More people are being laid off from work now than ever. More robots and the like are replacing REAL humans!
How safe is that? Not really to me.
This isn’t to downplay 9-5, because I believe that some people are truly meant for it. It is an AMAZING thing.
However, if you’re like me and want more than that, I don’t want the excuse of safety to keep you stuck. Because it’s not true.
Do you know what is safe?
Being your own boss.
Writing your own destiny.
Being in charge of how much money you make.
Being able to crush your earning ceiling and make as much money as you want.
Being able to create the products that YOU want to sell.
Being able to be passionate about your work.
Being able to make an impact and income, doing something you love.
Being able to help others in a way that speaks to your soul.
That’s safe to me. Being able to write your own destiny and shape your own future.
If you have a calling for online business…if you dream about doing your own thing…you have this desire in you for a reason.

Don’t ignore it.
Don’t let the illusion of safety dissuade you. YOU get to create the safety you want. Not a 9-5. Not your boss. Not a company.
YOU get to shape your destiny. It’s time to own your power.

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Positive Soul
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