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20% of your activities will account for 80% of your results

Here’s a post for my entrepreneurs today, to motivate you to work SMARTER, not harder in your business.

I heard this amazing principle from Vilfredo Pareto – called the Pareto Principle.

It states that out of everything you do, only 20% of the activities will account for 80% of your results.

This blew my mind babe.

It was so fascinating and so eye opening at the same time.

For most of my time as an entrepreneur (until the end of last year), I was doing just the opposite.

Most of my time was spent doing tasks that were NOT contributing to my success – such as creating graphics, creating the perfect templates, making sure everything was “perfect” on social media, figuring out tech stuff and so forth.

These tasks were not in my zone of genius. In fact, they took so much time and energy that I wasn’t able to get into my zone of genius.

What this looked like –> Burn out, plateaeu income months + a difficult time scaling.

A few months back, it all shifted when I realized that I was doing too much. I made a conscious choice to work less and to work smarter.

I decided the following: I would no longer spend countless hours on Canva creating graphics or hours on social media consuming freebies. I would leave the tech stuff to the techs. I would allocate most of my time to tasks that were actually influencing my results.

I began to implement the 80/20 rule a few months ago, and IT HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING.

I now recognize the importance of spending your most precious time on tasks that are going to add to your results.

So often as entrepreneurs, we think that the solution is DOING more, when in fact it’s just the opposite.

Figure out what the 20% of your best work is, and do that every day.

For me, this 20% includes content creation (such as posts like this), livestreaming, podcasting + creating program content when needed.

This is ALL I focus on now daily.

This has not only increased my quality of life, but my monthly revenue, clientele, and opportunity in business.

Safe to say, it has been working amazingly 😃

So as you read this, ask yourself, are you stuck in doing the mindless tasks in your business that don’t truly serve you? Bring you results? Get you the clients you want?

Figure out what your 80/20 looks like and start to implement this RIGHT away.


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